MYOB Field

This field project was a great insight into what the world of business looks like. The group I was placed with were great all round, We had an array of skills between Product design, graphics and Design & Maker. This allowed the group to be widened in it’s potential to succeed within the 8 week time zone. We opted after great deliberation to create Ceramic Vessels with origami swans on, this was due to research both into the coffee industry and the hand crafting industry, it created a unique blend that added a fresh element to the market. It was important for us all to put in as much work as possible in order to benefit not just ourselves but each other especially within a tight time limit, this helped us gain a valuable skill in trusting those who are working for the same goal around us. I personally helped with the making of the products and with the advertisement side of the company with our company extending itself to the social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram, the Instagram allowed us to stretch globally through the use of hashtags which was frequently used. For me personally, this brief was incredibly valuable in aiding my understanding of the business world and with outside speakers coming in to do seminars, I was able to see others who had achieved in a variety of markets. The sales day was also a great process for us to be involved with, the products we created sold out within a few hours of going on sale which we placed down to the marketing strategy, the promotional campaign and our actual products themselves. The project was really valuable in allowing us to collaborate properly with each other and to spend time working with people outside our own industry with greater depth. We all complemented each others skills greatly. Widely refereed to as the dream team and as a group we were second placed with an award at the big ideas wales ceremony. This was something that really topped off a great module and it was an idea that we pursued until the award. Whilst we considered taking the project further beyond our initial 8 week module, we acknowledged that the time taken to achieve the success was outweighing the value for us individually in doing it whilst maintaining uni work. I’d say that the module enhanced my skills further than purely practicalities. There’s definitely something exciting about business and my senses for more of the same has been enhanced by going through a whole process thoroughly.

Morocco Field

My understanding of material culture has undeniable been transformed from my time in Morocco, from the simplest of daily tasks to the more complex. I think the major influence from a product design point of view is definitely the use of resource and material compared to Western society. It is a fascinating cultural shift from a fairly wasteful Western world where recycling is a choice rather than a necessity to a culture where recycling is everything, some of the best examples of this we saw were in the Berber village up in the mountains, where what we’d consider to be modern household essentials are almost non existent.


(Jug made from an old tyre, Example of good reusability)

This example of giving new life to products and material is a prime display of innovative recycling to the max. It displays a cleverness of the usefulness of specific materials and they even achieved a level of aesthetic pleasure from the design. It isn’t just a thrown together make shift water carrying jug, it is a considered piece of Art, Handcrafted to an excellent level.


(A shower design from the Berber Village)

This shower design really showcased a natural talent in the village for creating works from nothing. It feeds into this way of design that can be whittled down to “We need so we make”, it is totally infectious to be amongst because as a designer it entices you and fills you with confidence to create with total freedom, to reject the limitations that the western world places over us, we need to be free to design from our soul, to just go with it and see if it works! We need to be extravagant in our approaches with design in order to stimulate the next age of design, we are too restricted.

The culture doesn’t rely on a theme or mass produced goods in order to function normally, within the wall is an array of make shift goods that create this diverse nature. They really do have freedom, in ways however it’s almost as if they don’t know it, they just do it, it is their life, it is all they’ve know. They’re quality DIY specialists just because they have to be. It would be great to capture some of their freedom and implement it with purpose into western life, IT IS NEEDED.

I absolutely love the way in which texture and colour totally enhances everything about Moroccan life, they live for their culture, they literally live it out through their dress, their houses, their shops and their cooking. Everything oozes individuality, Culture, Colour. IT REALLY IS A SENSORY EXPERIENCE TO BE IN MOROCCO.

Overall Reflection

So my overall reflection of field in level 5 has actually been really great. Both field topics have been special highlights of my year, both topics were the right ones for me and i definitely wouldn’t have changed them. I was incredibly moved by my experience in Morocco as it shed light over a somewhat dark experience that subject had and has been this year. It goes without saying that Morocco is a totally magical place and the sights and wonders of Morocco should be essential for all to see. I wish the module could have been longer but i also totally appreciated having specific time for the module as the first term was totally hectic running two modules at the same time. I felt that both modules were run incredibly well and the MYOB was very streamlined to get the best out of us. The diversity of both modules was crucial for me to get the best out of this years field experience. I valued especially the gaining of new skills from both. My outcomes of Ceramic and Textile pieces aided my design process as a product designer and influenced my final outcomes for the subject modules to finish the year too. I think one thing I really wanted to do during these modules were in ways totally jump away from industrial product design culture because I felt at the time as wifi was drowning within the frustration of the briefs. I achieved this with both, creating bespoke ceramic goods within MYOB and with testing the textile realms in Morocco. The Moroccan experience was the most inspiring of the two because I got to experience first hand life outside the western bubble, something of a first for me and so incredibly exciting. To see the design process in a different light was something i desperately needed at the time, i was running on empty from the BBC project and was willing to try something totally new in order to re engage with design as a process and as an industry, this achieved it and is enabling me to take steps forward for next year in Uni. Both modules are enabling me to re evaluate myself as a designer in uni. This is both exciting and daunting at the same time, this is because the modules fundamentally showed me two things in particular… How far from industrial product design I am as a designer and how I should take a leap of faith when it comes to my course for next year. The 3 areas of Constellation/Subject?Field really have transformed my perspective of design and I am a much better designer now for it. So I can confidently sign out of product design duty and sign back in as a design and maker next year knowing that my experiences over this year have allowed me to engage with what kind of designer i truly am. I’m grateful for that and will always have time for field.